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Message of His Eminence, Archbishop Nicolae at the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God

To the beloved Clergy and right-believing Christians of our Holy Archdiocese

Most Reverend Fathers,

Beloved Christians,

The Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos is the crown of all the feasts dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. This is not only because it is her last feast in the Church Year, but also because it reveals the fulfillment of the mission of the Mother of God. This is strongly suggested in the troparion of the Feast:

"In giving birth thou didst preserve virginity, and in thy dormition thou didst not forsake the world, O Theotokos, for thou wast translated unto life for thou art the Mother of Life. By thine intercessions, deliver our souls from death."

God chose the Holy Virgin in order to fulfill His plan for the salvation of mankind. St. Nicholas Cabasilas expresses this reality in very meaningful words, "The Virgin offers herself and is also involved, a fact which attracts the Divine Architect to earth and starts his creative hand working. Ornamenting her soul and body with so much beauty, she attracted the eye of God and revealed the beauty of our nature through her beauty. She thus attracted the Sinless One; the One which man had driven away through sin was made man through the Virgin." We understand how the Virgin gave birth to the Giver of Life, becoming the Mother of Life. And we also understand how, through giving birth in purity to the Savior of the world, St. Mary became the Mother of all those who believe in Him. In this way, the Mother of God fell asleep but did not forsake the world, for in her quality as Mother she is with us and she hears our prayers and lifts them up to the throne of the Heavenly King.

Like the Mother of God, every mother brings children into the world, not only for this world but for the eternal Kingdom. Thus our mothers have the holy mission of giving us physical life, but also spiritual life by bringing us to Holy Baptism. And Baptism is followed by Christian education so that every child may receive the Faith and grow up under the care of the Church, the Mother of the children of God and the Bride of Christ.

The Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos reminds us of the value of this life, but also of eternal life. In this life we work out our salvation, and our present deeds gain eternal value for us and our descendents. My challenge at this glorious Feast is addressed to our mothers: let us be attentive to our children and let us give them life, but also faith. Let us be like the Mother of God in this offering of life, and let us also lift up our prayers to the Lord for our children. Thus we will fulfill our mission as parents on this earth, and we will rejoice together with all mothers and with the Mother of God at our own passing from this life into the perfect life in heaven.

On this glorious Feast, I would like to wish much fulfillment with peace and joy to all those parishes, as well as the faithful, who are named for the Holy Virgin. May the Theotokos guide us all and make us worthy to be called children of the Heavenly Father.


SCOBA/SCOOCH Statement On Iraq Church Bombings


August 5, 2004 - The hierarchs of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA) and the hierarchs of the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches in America (SCOOCH) learned with great sadness the news that religious edifices were targeted by certain extremist elements in Iraq.

SCOBA and SCOOCH have been and are deeply committed to interfaith dialogue. In Iraq, citizens of different faith backgrounds have lived together peacefully and harmoniously for centuries. "We deplore the violent and destructive acts of persons seeking to create disharmony and division among people whose faiths derive from one common Abrahamic source," stated Archbishop Demetrios, chairman of SCOBA and Metropolitan Philip Saliba, vice-chairman of SCOBA.

Archbishop Barsamian, chairman of SCOOCH, added, "We pray for the victims of these divisive forces. We pray for the enlightenment of those who sow division. And we express our love for and solidarity with all persons of good will in Iraq."


Thursday, July 29 - together with other Orthodox Hierarchs from the U.S., His Eminence Archbishop Nicolae participated at the festive banquet held in New York at the close of the 37th Clergy-Laity Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

From July 30 to August 1, Archbishop Nicolae was present at the children-s camp organized by St. Nicholas Parish of New York at the St. Dumitru Monastery in Middletown. Father Ioan Casian Turnaru, together with his warm-hearted parishioners, very successfully organized this camp, where children met to pray together, to sing, and to paint, as well as to compete in various contests and sports. The joy of meeting together was shared by both children and parents, and also by the organizers who rejoiced in the success of their efforts. We all learned to dare to try greater things and we hope such nice events will also take place in other parishes next year.

August 6 - Feast of the Transfiguration - His Eminence concelebrated Vespers on the eve of the Feast as well as the Divine Liturgy on the next day with Metropolitan Sotirios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Canada, at the church bearing the Feast-s name in Toronto. Also present were Archbishop Mark of the Russian parishes in Canada which are under the Moscow Patriarchate, and Archbishop Yurij of the Ukrainian Diocese of Eastern Canada. Metropolitan Sotirios invites Orthodox Bishops of Canada to serve together with him on this feast and to discuss issues related to Orthodox mission in Canada.

During the evening, His Eminence officiated the Service of Holy Unction at the St. Andrew Parish in Mississauga, ON, together Fathers Gheorghe Ţiu and Viorel Tencaliuc.

Sunday, August 8 - Archbishop Nicolae celebrated the Divine Liturgy and gave the homily at the Descent of the Holy Spirit Parish in Windsor, ON. His Eminence spoke to the faithful about the mission carried out in the past two years since his last visit, especially about his visits to all the parishes of the Archdiocese, as well as the future projects discussed at the recent Congress in Chicago.

Pastoral Itinerary

Saturday August 14

  • Vespers at St. Mary-s Cathedral in Cleveland.

Sunday August 15

  • Dormition of the Mother of God - Divine Liturgy at the same parish on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the oldest Romanian parish in the USA.

Between August 18 and September 1, His Eminence Nicolae will be in Romania.

The list of the donors for the IOCC program for Romania

Parish USD
St. Parascheva Boston 637.00
Holy Cross Hollywood 500.00
St. Mary Houston 500.00
St. Nicholas New York 1,000.00
New St. George Lansing 2,010.00
St. Mary Fort Wayne 700.00
Annunciation Cleveland 640.00
St. George Las Vegas 150.00
St. Andrew Las Vegas 125.00
St. Mary Atlanta 698.00
St. Nicholas Worcester 2,000.00
Fr. David Hudson 100.00
Sts. Constantine and Helen Chicago 3,618.00
TOTAL 12,678.00
Parish CAD
St. Nicholas Vancouver 500.00
St. Dimitrios Winnipeg 925.00
St. George Windsor 540.00
Sts. Constantine and Helen Edmonton 500.00
AROLA 500.00
Descent of the Holy Ghost Windsor 2,350.00
Holy Resurrection Hamilton 600.00
St. Andrew Mississauga 1000.00
St. George Vancouver 200.00
TOTAL 7,115.00

We thank to all the priest and faithful for their support to this cause. We are deeply impressed by the mobilization of some parishes and their effort for the children from Romania who need help. We do hope that the other parishes will follow their example. May God repay your donation.

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